Why are cheetahs not good at hiding??? If you think you know what the answer is, post it in the comment box and I will update the post saying you were the one who solved it!

Iranian cheetahs

Hi to all the cheetah fans! Did you know that there are cheetahs in Iran? There actually are. Cool, right? But, sadly, they are almost extinct☹️. On the following map, you can see where they still live. Soooooooooo......... We ALL can save cheetahs.

A very fun game

My very fun sister and I invented a game called "Cheetah." It goes like this: One person is the cheetah, and the other is the owner. The owner will take care of the cheetah and feed it and stuff. The owner will take the cheetah on walks, too. If you are the cheetah, you will... Continue Reading →


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The Sad Cheetah

Here is a picture about a cheetah who went on a hunt for gazelles but failed. For the media, I did a pencil outline then filled it in with crayons. CHEETAH FACT: A cheetahs' claws don't retract, so its paws act more like cleats.

Cheetah Family

This is a picture about a cheetah family. In fact, it is even called "Cheetah Family." Double in fact, it is right here:

CCF (or, Cheetah Conservation Fund)

Save the cheetahs! You can do that by going to the website of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. "Founded in Namibia in 1990, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild," they say on their website. I wish to go there, because I am the biggest cheetah fan EVER.

My favorite cheetah

My favorite cheetah is Kris, who lives at the Cincinnati Zoo and turned 1 year old today. My other favorite cheetahs are Uno and Bronx, who are stuffed animals.


Hi, my name is Ronan and this is a new blog that I am creating. This blog that I am creating is about cheetahs & everything else. Come look!!! 𝓒ℋℰℰ𝕋𝓐ℋ

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