Remember the Legend

Remember Chance and Bravo from my last post? Well... Bravo, one of the two legendary 17-year-old cheetahs, just died! His zookeeper at The Cincinnati Zoo posted over the weekend that they lost Bravo, the "remarkable" cheetah and "incredible" cat. I hope for two things: one, that Bravo will have a good time in cheetah... Continue Reading →

Sad news about a beloved cheetah…

Light-as-a-Feather was rescued from traffickers by CCF in 2018. As CCF says on its YouTube channel: "In early 2021 Cheetah Conservation Fund lost its orphaned resident cheetah named Light as a Feather or Feather for short. She came to CCF as a three week old cub and was very ill and malnourished. Dr. Laurie Marker... Continue Reading →


Why are cheetahs not good at hiding??? If you think you know what the answer is, post it in the comment box and I will update the post saying you were the one who solved it! update: My grandma was the first one to solve it! "Because they are spotted."-my grandma

Iranian cheetahs

Hi to all the cheetah fans! Did you know that there are cheetahs in Iran? There actually are. Cool, right? But, sadly, they are almost extinct☹️. On the following map, you can see where they still live. Soooooooooo......... We ALL can save cheetahs.

A very fun game

My very fun sister and I invented a game called "Cheetah." It goes like this: One person is the cheetah, and the other is the owner. The owner will take care of the cheetah and feed it and stuff. The owner will take the cheetah on walks, too. If you are the cheetah, you will... Continue Reading →


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The Sad Cheetah

Here is a picture about a cheetah who went on a hunt for gazelles but failed. For the media, I did a pencil outline then filled it in with crayons. CHEETAH FACT: A cheetahs' claws don't retract, so its paws act more like cleats.

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